A firm conviction : "A film of the trial with a dynamic thriller"

With “An intimate conviction”, Antoine, Raimbault, of which this is the first feature-length film, captures the case of Suzanne Viguier. Very accurate and documented, the filmmaker has chosen to revisit the issue through a fictional character, played by Marina Foïs. AlloCiné : What was the point of departure of this project with A conviction ? Antoine Raimbault, producer : More than a movie about the case Viguier, what interested me was to make a film of the trial, to tell the justice. I went to attend the first trial of Jacques Viguier, I discovered a sudden the assize court, the justice of my country on this case, and this family, doomed to uncertainty, that is to say, the children of Jacques and Suzanne Viguier, who grew up in this equation ‘mom was gone, dad is accused of killing her during 9 years at the time the trial opens. I thought that first I knew very little French justice and that I am broken, in my opinion as the majority of the audience, the codes of legal procedure of the anglo-saxons through american movies : “objection, your honor, cross-examination, the witness is up to you… “. I wanted above all to tell the justice, give to see the justice I am asked about the reason for which one does not represent any more the assize court in France, and this case is really symptomatic of the dysfunctions of French justice. This is a case quite unique : first, this is a murder trial without a corpse, this woman is still on the registry of missing women. We do the research, unfortunately. This man was tried for murder without having evidence that she is dead. I wanted above all to tell the justice, give to see justice done. I have the impression that in the French cinema, there have been attempts at films about business, but a true film of trial, it has not done for a very long time. Then, the idea was to approach this subject with a little bit modern : the idea that people have made films of a trial in France, the dramas of courts, often in black and white and a little dusty. The Americans have developed a genre that is rather side of the thriller. I’ve lived at the court of assizes, it was like actually to this vertigo, this dramatic tension permanent. The film is back in this dynamic thriller. I tried to do a thriller by the court as to those facts which it has not touched. Séverine Brigeot Everything you see of the hearings has taken place, has been scripted. I have cross-checked the scores for all the journalists who have wished me. There are a lot of things that are already in the press. But all the elements of the case, the folder, the phone-tapping, all of that is true. It tells this story through a fictional character who is played by Marina Foïs, and through the point of view of which one is truly going to return in this case. It is a kind of free electron in the scenes of the trial, which will begin in a quest for truth impossible. This is what it tells, about the search for the truth of this character and the intimate conviction that we request the jurors. One judge in the silence and recollection, and in the sincerity of his conscience. The movie tries at once to dig the case and question the justice of the way a little bit wider. Everything you see of the hearings has taken place, has scripted The film, has need how many time to research, writing, preparation, etc ? 9 years. It is very very long. The trial took place in march 2010 and the movie comes out February 6, 2019, so 9 years after. I’ve experienced the two trials : in the first, I met a number of the protagonists of this case, and in the second, I was really first hand, to observe very closely and in particular the work of the defense, Eric Dupond Moretti, who is played by Olivier Gourmet. Then, I have sourced everything that I wrote. There has been a big work of documentation. I ate an entire folder of files, a bit like the character of Marina Foïs. I’ve made my obsession is an obsession of cinema, and my obsession with cinema, I created this character, obsessive in its quest for truth. I looked at the phone-tapping as it in the film, but after the trial for my part. Séverine Brigeot I imagined this character to re-examine the case. What interests me is telling a different story than the one that has been retold in the media for 10 years. Overall, the vast majority of the media have told the story of the husband who killed his wife. This is the media reality of this case : it was the culprit ideal. The film tries to re-direct it through the character of Marina, and, once again, to question the justice. This is a film true to the trial, which assumes What is interesting is that you have managed to make a film that does not only happen in court… Yes, it was super important that this is not a movie sitting. It is the assize court. This is a film true to the trial, which assumes, that is to say that a good half of the movie happens at the trial, but it tells it from behind the scenes, through the character and his relationship with the lawyer. It will end up in a free electron to work with the defense, to try to help and feed the defence, and in particular the lawyer who will end up overwhelmed by 250 hours of wiretaps that have existed. It will give him and it will give him a helping hand. It was very important to avoid the movie frozen, it is a film very moving, that one feels the body, the sweat, the exhaustion, the sleepless nights, that is all the time with her… that which holds the film, and that is the point of view of this character. It is in its anguish, in its heights, in its mad race for the truth. Immersed in his profound conviction. Séverine Brigeot Is this only for the role of Eric Dupond Moretti, you have considered Eric Dupond Moretti himself ? No. It was never an option. Obviously Eric Dupond Moretti has made a small incursion on the side of the cinema, I had to play in a short film. He had taken a liking. I think it is hard the life of a lawyer ! Ca likes to make small breaks from time to time. Instead of going on holiday, he makes a shoot. It was never an option, because we can’t ask him to feign the emotion that was hers. That would have been ridiculous in fact, for him and for me. I think that he would never have accepted such a thing. An argument is made once, it is something of a dramatic power crazy as we tried to reproduce for the film with Olivier Gourmet. This is a huge work actor. There was a bet a little complicated for Olivier Gourmet, to embody Eric Dupond Moretti there was a bet a little complicated for Olivier Gourmet, to embody Eric Dupond Moretti, who is today more than ever, ubiquitous in the media. I wanted to not change the names since we kept the case. We would have had a suspicion if we had changed the names. We could not keep all the protagonists of the case, of course. There are lawyers that were present that are not in the film. Eric Dupond Moretti and Olivier Gourmet are encountered : I wanted to come see him at the hearing. They are a little made of the same wood, the voice, a presence, a humanity… I have a little sent everyone to the assize court in fact. It was very important that we don’t do it at a distance, that all the world should know what it is that a trial and not through the films precisely. The film bathes in the real world, it is nourished by the reality of what it is to be a trial. Séverine Brigeot Can you tell us about the choice of Marina Foïs ? Marina Foïs has something pretty incredible empathy. I had given him Window on court, and Vertigo among other classics. She has a thing for James Stewart. This is an actor who often went to characters who are very dark. It can go far, but you do loose never, it is always with her. I love it, I find it extraordinary. The job she has done in the film is quite incredible. She already had an appetite for these subjects there. She knew what it was for the assize court. The character and the script were very excited. She has done a lot in the film. The trailer of An intimate conviction : A conviction trailer VF interview by Brigitte Baronet at the film Festival of Sarlat 2018

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